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We are LoRaMetrics, Dutch based IoT and LoRaWAN experts. We can help you with finding lifecycle solutions in multiple industries. Starting out with what you already have, from idea to development. LoRaMetrics joined The Things Network, a fast growing connectivity network worldwide. Together we can make it happen and connect all kind of things to the internet, make your ideas become reality. It starts with a plan, but what is this all about?

What is IoT ?

Internet of things (IoT) is the interaction with, and communication from every item you own, connected to the internet.

LoRaWAN, why use it and how does it work?


LoRa signals can travel through the air for up to 10 miles, devices are cheap and power consumption is very low. While having such a nice technology, the bandwidth of a LoRaWAN transmissions must be low. So in fact we are talking about small amounts of data, sent out on a regularly base.


LoRa based devices (nodes or sensors) send out wireless messages (small packages of data) over the air. These signals are picked up by locally installed LoRaWAN gateways. These gateways forward the messages to a network server. The network server, in turn, forwards the messages to our servers in the cloud.

A business case

Monitoring of the environment in greenhouses to ensure the internal climate is optimal at all times. Monitor the amount of sunlight, the temperature and the humidity.

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LoRaWAN implementation

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